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27 Nov 2018 09:57

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<h1>Why ‘Fahrenheit 451’ Is The Ebook For Our Social Media Age</h1>

<p>Bradbury feared memory loss. In the present day we have designated Google and our social-media accounts as the guardians of our reminiscences, feelings, dreams and info. Because the virtual world turns into more dominant, owning books becomes an act of rebellion. When a printed e book is in your possession, no one can observe, alter or hack it. The characters in my movie have by no means seen a ebook. Once they first encounter a library, the books are like water in an unlimited digital desert.</p>

<p>Seeing, touching and smelling a ebook is as alien to the firemen as milking a cow by hand would be for many of us. The firemen are transfixed by the books — however they still must burn them. Burning books in the film posed a authorized problem. The cover artwork of most books is protected by copyright, and typically we have been unable to obtain permission to display it — let alone burn it on digicam.</p>

<p>So the artwork directors for my film designed countless authentic guide covers that we might burn. The query was: Which books? There were all the time extra I wanted to burn than we had time to film. I knew I needed to include some of my favorites, like “Crime and Punishment,” “Song of Solomon” and the works of Franz Kafka. However we had to burn more than simply fiction. Herodotus’ “Histories” — historical past itself — was incinerated. Pages of Emily Dickinson, Tagore and Ferdowsi’s poetry crumbled into black ash.</p>

<p>Hegel, Plato and beauty Lee Boggs’s philosophy had been set on hearth. The firemen discriminate in opposition to no one: Texts in Chinese language, Hindi, Persian and Spanish all burned. A Mozart score, an Edvard Munch painting, magazines, newspapers, photographs of Sitting Bull, Frederick Douglass and the 1969 moon touchdown went up in smoke. Watching the books burn was an otherworldly expertise.</p>

<p>The hiss of incinerating pages sounded like the final gasps of lots of of dying souls. The extra we burned, the extra hypnotic it turned — a mesmerizing spectacle of pages curling and embers dancing into the void. Bradbury believed that we wished the world to become this fashion. That we asked for the firemen to burn books. That we needed entertainment to exchange studying and pondering. That we voted for political and financial systems to keep us blissful somewhat than thoughtfully informed. He would say that we chose to quit our privacy and freedom to tech corporations.</p>
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<p>That we decided to entrust our cultural heritage and knowledge to digital archives. The greatest military of firemen will probably be irrelevant in the digital world. They will be as powerless as spitting infants next to whoever controls a consolidated web. How could they cease one individual, hiding in his parents’ basement with a laptop computer, from hacking into thousands of years of humanity’s collective history, literature and culture, after which rewriting all of it … or simply hitting delete?</p>

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